Case Studies

Technology Marketing

In 2001, Scribble Studio, LLC, began working with Magnolia Communications, a leading technology marketing firm based in New York City. Owned and operated by Patricia Jaramillo, CEO, Magnolia Communications specializes in "internal marketing"—helping senior technology and risk management leaders at global Fortune 500 companies improve their communications effectiveness, sell large-scale IT initiatives to their business counterparts, and implement change management initiatives. Ms. Jaramillo and her IT Communications Maturity Model have been featured in CIO magazine.

“Scribble Studio, LLC, can write for any audience, at any level, in any industry. I have worked with Holly Larson on global marketing and communications initiatives for Fortune 500 companies for the past decade – and she always delivers.”

Patricia Jaramillo, CEO, Magnolia Communications

Ms. Larson serves as a messaging strategist and marketing writer for Magnolia Communications' clients who represent some of the world's preeminent brands in agribusiness, consumer packaged goods, ecommerce, and financial services, among others. Ms. Larson works with Magnolia Communications to develop executive messaging for VP and SVP-level leaders, including global town hall presentations, speeches, and industry keynotes; internal sales collateral for IT initiatives ranging from $5 million to $1 billion dollars; internal branding for IT communications programs; and change management marketing programs to align global workforces with IT strategies, improve the IT-business partnership, and facilitate organizational restructurings.

Ms. Larson has worked with Magnolia Communications on projects for:


Labelstock Manufacturing

UPM Raflatac, a global manufacturer of pressure sensitive film and paper labelstock products, built its first state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the Americas in 2000, and has been expanding market share ever since. The company offers its labelstock converter partners an extensive array of products for demanding industry applications. Its variable information printing products are value-conscious workhorses for logistics, industrial, and office applications. Meanwhile, its prime offerings provide exceptional aesthetics, performance, and consistency for many of the world's best-loved consumer goods. And its one-of-a-kind specials offerings solve specific business and technical challenges, while providing compelling benefits to end users.

“Scribble Studio, LLC, is one of our favorite contractors. Holly Larson brings incredible creativity and depth to her industry work and helps build credibility and awareness for our labelstock products with her innovative marketing hooks and engaging writing style.”

Patricia Lähepelto, Marketing Communications Manager, Americas, UPM Raflatac

“We use Scribble Studio, LLC, regularly for our employee and customer communications projects. Holly Larson understands the issues that are critical to the manufacturing industry, such as technology innovation, operational excellence, and customer relationships. She's helped us showcase our expertise effectively as we've expanded into the prime and specials business areas.”

Calintha Briggs, Communications Specialist, Americas, UPM Raflatac

Ms. Larson works regularly with the company's Americas marketing team on customer and employee communications projects. As part of her work, Ms. Larson interviews UPM Raflatac managers and staff, business partners, and clients, to gain insight into their perspectives on the company's strategic direction, products, and services. Her work includes press releases, customer articles, case studies, thought leadership op eds, marketing brochures and product cards, and electronic and print newsletters. She also writes regularly for Raflatalk, UPM Raflatac's global customer magazine.


RFID Manufacturing

In the late 1990s, RFID technology was far from a sure bet. UPM, a global innovator in the converging bio and forest products industries, decided to invest in this emerging technology, establishing an RFID operation in 1997 and opening a state-of-the art factory in the Americas in 2006. Since that time, Ms. Larson has worked with RFID sales and marketing staff to gain awareness for the company's market-leading UHF and HF RFID tags and inlays, developing customer articles, press releases, and case studies. As the result of its prescient investments and efforts to develop myriad cutting-edge products for industry applications, UPM RFID has become the number-one provider of tags and inlays globally.

“Scribble Studio, LLC, produces content of exceptional quality. Holly Larson is a reliable partner who is easy to work with and never misses a deadline.”

Marika Nygård, Brand Manager, UPM-Kymmene

“Scribble Studio, LLC, really understands technology and helps us articulate the strongest sales messages for how our RFID products and partnerships transform customer-facing and operational processes for industries such as retail, pharmaceuticals, and media, among others.”

Tiina Salminen, Communications Manager, UPM RFID


Technology Consulting

Scribble Studio, LLC, has worked with marketing and business experts at Sapient, a leading technology consulting firm, to develop thought leadership and marketing collateral for a number of industry practices, including financial services, trading and risk management, government services, and utilities. Ms. Larson's work products include white papers, marketing collateral, and book chapters for industry guides.


Stabilization and Reconstruction

Since 2005, the Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies (CSRS), an education center based in Monterey, California, has held interactive workshops for practitioners on a wide array of topics, such as security sector reform, economic recovery, and agriculture revitalization. Through these workshops, participants increase their cognitive understanding of critical topics, strengthen vital skills, and expand cross-community networks they can leverage in their important global work.

“Scribble Studio, LLC, has helped us professionalize our publication program. Holly Larson has written on a wide array of topics, from rebuilding the economies of post-conflict societies, to enhancing negotiation skills, to understanding the security and environmental implications of a melting arctic. Her reports have been a wonderful tool for marketing our workshops to senior industry practitioners around the globe.”

Matthew Vaccaro, Program Director, Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies

Ms. Larson has worked with CSRS to professionalize its publication program, developing several workshop reports a year on topics ranging from the diverse impacts of the melting arctic, to the challenges of reintegrating guerilla fighting forces back into mainstream society, to strategies for promoting agricultural recovery in post-conflict environments. Ms. Larson has also produced a report on civil-military cooperation on disaster relief for the Center for Humanitarian Cooperation, a think tank working in the same industry.



In 2009, Ms. Larson joined with a group of volunteers and educators based in the United States and South Africa to launch Mukhanyo Christian Academy, a school for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Kwamhlanga, a rural village located an hour outside of Pretoria, South Africa. In a country where one out of two families lives in abject poverty, AIDS orphans and vulnerable children are the poorest of the poor. Often living in child-headed households, these children are at high risk for exploitation and struggle with hunger on a daily basis. The school, which is funded by donations, offers these children a high quality private education, daily meals, and social services. Children, who begin learning English in kindergarten, are taught in a small-classroom environment with a 10:1 pupil-teacher ratio, a far cry from the crowded classrooms of South Africa's public schools, where as many as 80 children in multiple grades are taught by a single teacher.

Ms. Larson has donated her time and messaging services, working with school volunteers to develop a website; business plan; and no-cost or low-cost marketing materials, including flyers, signage, and a photo montage video used in fundraising.