Content Marketing


From marketing collateral to thought leadership, I’ve got you covered.
You’re looking for a seasoned B2B and technology writer who can jump
right in and hit the ground running. Welcome.

Who I Work With

Teams at Global Companies

  • Directors and VPs of marketing
  • Content marketing, technical marketing,
    business, and sales teams



  • Principals/CEOs
  • Marketing and business strategists
  • PR executives


  • CEOs/founders
  • Sales VPs
  • Marketing directors

Thought Leaders


  • Industry visionaries
  • Senior/solo consultants

Here’s how I can help you.

My services include:

Executive Communications

  • Partner with senior strategists to develop presentations for new technology strategies, global billion-dollar transformation programs, and organizational rebranding
  • Help create core messaging for organizations and new initiatives
  • Build all content assets required to launch programs to key stakeholders
  • Develop executive bylines, LinkedIn posts, and POVs

Ask about my work for a leading NYC agency supporting CIROs.


  • Propose stand-alone blog ideas or plan narrative arcs across a series of blogs
  • Interview company experts for their perspectives
  • Surface the business value of new trends and
  • Develop rapid-fire content to meet short deadlines
  • Propose imagery or graphics to support content
  • Edit to acceptance

Content marketing campaigns

  • Help conceive ideas and marketing hooks for
    “top-of-the-funnel” campaigns
  • Create a wide array of deliverables, including
    infographics, listicles, blogs, survey reports, corporate
    journalism, and more
  • Conceive ideas for visuals and work with graphic
    designers to develop the campaign look, deliverable
    design, and all supporting graphics

Thought Leadership

  • Research topics and propose content themes/angles to make content stand out
  • Do a deep dive on research to frame and outline the story
  • Interview SMEs for insights and customers for case
  • Cast a vision for where industry and technology are
    headed, aligned to company value propositions
  • Conceive visuals to bring ideas to life and work with
    designers to execute
  • Develop short and long white papers, POVs, eBooks, and more
  • Incorporate reviews fast to drive to approval
  • Do QA on final content

Content Repurposing

  • Take existing assets and build new content around key messages
  • Create campaigns or extend life of existing assets

Sales Enablement

  • Support go-to-market campaigns with sales presentations, partner materials, and more
  • Brainstorm themes for sales and partner enablement
  • Work with strategists and designers to develop and
    finalize all deliverables


  • Support PR pushes with press releases, executive bylines, and research reports and synopses

Ask about my PR services.

Messaging frameworks

  • Develop messaging frameworks for company value
    propositions, services, and marketing campaigns

Ask about my framework experience.

Let’s work together.