Industries and Trends

and Trends


I write about going cloud-first, hosting, business continuity and disaster recovery, and delivering and consuming everything as a service.

Emerging Technology

I write about how cloud, digital, IoT, AI and machine learning are transforming business as we know it and creating leap-ahead advantages for innovators.

An Eye on Risk

I write about data privacy, ethical data use,
and cyber security in a world where protecting information saves IP, customers–and brand reputations.

Financial Services

I write about industry change, global billion-dollar transformation programs, and information and operational risk management programs.

The Business of Digital

I write about how digital transformation is reinventing business models, processes, and the customer experience in industries such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Smart Technology & Sustainability

I write about how organizations can use smart tech (data, IoT, and AI) to transform industries, solve complex challenges, and help protect the planet for future generations.


I write about how digital transformation is enabling seamless supply chain process, powering location-based marketing, and improving customer service.


I write about how digital transformation accelerates innovation and enables continuous process optimization.


I write about how digital transformation is empowering healthcare staff, fueling collaboration, and delivering better patient outcomes.